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Abandoned car towing in Santa Fe

Are you someone who has come across an unregistered or abandoned vehicle in Santa Fe? Then you might wish to get it towed. Whether you own it or it is simply getting in the way, then call our abandoned vehicle towing team at Santa Fe Towing Pros.

If the vehicle is not registered, then we will look to find an easy way to take it to someone who can help us. Most of the time, we will turn to local law enforcement in a bid to help us either find an owner or find a solution for the vehicle.

If the car has been abandoned, then we will look to get in touch with the owner or pass on the contact details of the owner to the police. If possible, we will then take the abandoned car back to the owner.

If you want to get the help that you need with abandoned vehicle towing, call us today. Whether the vehicle is a junk car or an eyesore, or simply on your property and you want it off, we can assist.

Fast and free unauthorized vehicle removal

There are numerous reasons why hiring our abandoned vehicle towing experts is a good idea. People often hire us to do the following jobs:

  • Move a car that has been left behind without a title.
  • Remove a vehicle that was left at a property/location by its owner.
  • A vehicle that has been illegally parked in a location such as your home/business.
  • A car that has been left for scrap or has been abandoned in general.
  • Any vehicle that sits outside of a private rental complex without fair reason.

By hiring our team, you get someone who can come in and handle the problem at hand. We’ll make sure that you can solve the issue as soon as is possible, and make sure that you can get the vehicle removed from the premises right away.

Call us today to learn more about our unregistered, unauthorized and abandoned vehicle towing.

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